Is it really possible to make money on the net? Real money – tons of it while online. Online buyers are currently spending their hard earned cash on desktop systems, movies and loads of other products. Every online transaction can form a win-win situation for everyone as the consumer is given what he or she is looking for (the product) and the seller receives the money.

But there’s another member of the party that most people are oblivious to and that’s the Internet Marketer. Most online sales transactions are facilitated by Internet Marketers at some stage during the process. This results in a referral fee being paid out to the internet marketer from the business owner. The referral fees can range from 1% to 80% of the total sale amount. Online business owners are happy to pay this to the internet marketers, simply because most business owners receive virtually all their leads and sales from them. The vast majority of people, who make money online, do so by deploying the method I’ve just pointed out above. This method is often referred to as ‘Affiliate Marketing’. In addition to just affiliate marketing, there are many other methods of acquiring money online. If you’re interested in discovering alternative methods of making money online, then keep on reading!

Another highly lucrative method of making money online is CPA Marketing. It is also referred to as lead generation. CPA Marketing simply entails the process of gathering and reselling of consumer information. Companies will usually pay anywhere from $ .75cents to $ 300 per lead generated. It can prove very difficult to convince web users to enter their credit card information, especially for those marketers just starting out. For this reason, I prefer the CPA Marketing concept to Affiliate marketing. The conversion rate for most affiliate marketing campaigns range around the 1% – 3% mark. I can convert 40% – 50% of visitors using my CPA Campaigns. How am I able to achieve such high conversation rates? Simple, I use incentive offers. The beauty of incentive offers is that I can offer the consumer a free product in exchange for his/her information.

Another form of Internet Marketing is Pay per Click (PPC). With the use of PPC, business owners can gain virtually instant traffic to their site from thousands of image and or test ads placed on content-related sites. The publisher (website owner hosting the ads) earns instant cash whenever a visitor clicks on one of these ads. If you currently have traffic coming to your site, then this is a great way to make an additional income.

For those of you interested in earning an hourly rate from minimalist work, I suggest you take a peek at online survey sites. Almost everyone who surfs the net has seen an online survey site advertisement at one time or another. Survey sites, despite what most people may have told you, are completely legitimate; they simply pay you for your opinion. However there are some survey sites that you should avoid, they are the ones that require you pay a fee. For the most dedicated survey taker, you can expect to earn anywhere from $ 10 to $ 20 per hour. Of course, the amount you make depends greatly on how much effect you’re willing to put in.

Everybody has the potential to make money online. I’m living proof it can be done because I currently earn a full time living from my efforts online. There’s simply nothing stopping you from earning an income online. The methods I’ve mentioned above along with many others can be learned in detail by searching online.

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