It’s nice to be employed, and get paid with a steady pay check. But once you have your little ones, what could be more important to be with them? Don’t you miss that little face coming out of your body? Sometimes you have to work outside the home or you can get a job, that’s great if you are comfortable with it. But if you have a desire to stay home, DO it if you have a husband earning some income, a good credit or a good amount of savings. I would say you need to at least take a break and be with you little ones for awhile.

Most of us moms of course have a desire to earn some money, whether to supplement the husband’s income or something else. After all, who does not need money? Most women start to look around for work they can do at home for an income. There are a lot of choices out there, some paid hourly, and some are business opportunities. Unless you have a technical specialty such as programming or engineering, most hourly paid goes from $ 7 to $ 15 per hour. There hourly work from home jobs include administrative, customer service, surveys, and data entry assort. You can fit your work schedule to your home schedule, among all you shopping, cooking, cleaning, feeding, or school picking up schedules.

Being a mom is pretty busy, little ones require a lot of attention, feeding, changing, or taking toddler back and fore to school, if you have a couple hours a day alone, I would say you manage well. The two hours you have is very precious, I would say you should get the most of it, in business terms, try to invest your effort and the little time you have for a maximum, long term result. In another word, you should try to invest in a high growth income, business opportunities.

The best ones nowadays are internet opportunities; you can start an internet business with very little start up money. And ubiquitous of the internet makes marketing very easy and effective. Sometimes you don’t see the result right away, but remember a business takes investment, effort and time. Make a plan, keep a goal, and watch your progress. Of course there are will be obstacles along the way, just keep up with a positive attitude and don’t give up. Listen to successful people and most importantly, yourself.

Don’t give up on dreaming big, you can have it all!
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